Black Raisin

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A pure and wholesome snacking choice, the Mahaarajaa Black Raisins pack in both taste and goodness of nature. Handpicked and curated with care, each black raisin is pure perfection: packed with a sweet base and a subtle tangy touch. Versatile and healthy, the Maharajaa Black Raisins are perfect to munch upon, especially when you feel like having something sweet. Include them in smoothie bowls or baking experiments like cakes and cookies or simply dig into a handful and be assured to be pleasantly surprised with the taste and richness of each raisin. 

Nutritional Facts Amount Per Serving (100g)

Calories 299

Total Fat 0.46g

Saturated Fat 0.058g

Sodium 11mg

Total Carbohydrate 79.18g

Dietary Fiber 3.7g

Sugars 59.19g

Protein 3.07g

Calcium 50mg

Iron 1.88mg

Potassium 749mg

Vitamin A 0mcg

Vitamin C 2.3mg