Cumin Seeds

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Mahaarajaa Cumin Seeds

While almost every Indian curry will call for its share of Cumin seeds in the tadka, but you can use Mahaarajaa Cumin Seeds for making a day starter drink too! Soak the seeds in water overnight and have it first thing next morning to improve digestion and gut health.

The Mahaarajaa Cumin Seeds are curated from quality natural sources and are fragrant and flavourful.


  •       Aids digestion
  •       Boosts immune system, and even promotes weight loss
  •       Grown in the sun-drenched fields of India

Note: 100% natural, healthy, and premium quality spices with no added preservatives, no added colour and a shelf life of 1 year. Packed hygienically untouched by hands

Gluten free| Plant Based| No added Sugar