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Invest in health with Mahaarajaa Almonds

Almonds have been the most trusted companion to cultivate a smart brain and healthy body by mothers all over India. So next time you want something to snack upon, trust on the wisdom of generations and go for Mahaarajaa Almonds. Curated from organic farms and of premium quality, these almonds are nutritional powerhouses. Guilt free snacking is transformed into a whole new level with Mahaarajaa Almonds. Each piece is packed with benefits and insanely delicious.


  •   Promotes good heart health 
  •   Controls blood cholesterol
  •   Aid in weight loss 
  •   Rich in Vitamin E, Fiber, protein, good fats, potassium, and zinc

Note: 100% natural, healthy, and premium quality dry fruits with no added preservatives, no added colour and a shelf life of 1 year. Packed hygienically untouched by hands. Available in resealable Nutrilock bags.