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Rich, buttery and slightly sweet: the Mahaarajaa Cashews are here to win hearts of every dry fruit lover. Put together after several quality checks, these cashews are not just delicious, but also perfect for everyone looking to add some protein goodness to their snacking schedule. A perfect choice for evenings: be it a house party or a solo OTT binge, these cashews will have you seeking more. Each bite is power packed with royal opulence and is sure to make your taste buds take a bow in reverence! The Mahaarajaa Cashews are the best choice if want to include something indulgent yet healthy in your snacking routine.

Nutritional Facts: Amount Per Serving (100g)

Calories :553

Total Fat 43.85g

Saturated Fat 7.783g

Sodium 12mg

Total Carbohydrate 30.19g

Dietary Fibre 3.3g

Sugars 5.91g

Protein 18.22g

Calcium 37mg 3%

Iron 6.68mg 37%

Potassium 660mg 14%

Vitamin C0.5mg 1%